Questions about our services

I accept cash, all major credit cards, ACH transfers, and gold bullion. I do not accept checks or cards from out of country or wire transfers. If you "feel" sketchy, I reserve the right to refuse service.
Once payment has been received (Schedule Appointment Link) Ill call the same day to schedule.
Emergency service is offered at a rate of $500 hr regardless of time of day. I stop whatever im doing and come to you. PLEASE NOTE: Payment must be received before deployment. Please provide as much information as possible.
Yes, I keep it small to keep quality high. Generally, I shouldn't have to pull a permit to do the work. However, I can point you to all the right folks or assign a superintendent/owners rep to handle any building project you have.

Plumbing Services are limited to exposed plumbing (no in wall). Such as faucet replacement, water filter installations, disposal removal and replacement, plumbing and p-traps, etc.

Electrical services are limited to switches and receptacles, lights and ceiling fans (no in wall). We can test and locate faults with power on or off and determine where/if inside the wall. We can also test phone and data lines.

Question about the bid process

Request a quote. We ask for a detailed description, photos of the work to be done, and the location your home is in. The more info you can share in our form, the faster we can add you to the schedule.

After you submit the form you will be given a link to pay for the site visit/bid. Site visit fee must be paid in advance and are non refundable. Accepted bids will receive a credit on your project.

Once payment confirmation is made we will call and schedule a site visit/bid time with you. From form submittal/payment to arrival, is roughly 1-3 days.
We arrive onsite, confirm the work you’ve requested, afterwhich a project bid will be provided. Upon acceptance, we will call to schedule the work dates. We offer a one-year warranty on labor, so rest assured the work will be done with competence.
Use this option if you have a few simple jobs, need only misc. materials (nails, screws, light bulbs, etc.) and are ready for the work. Minimum site visit is 250.00 and includes 1 hour of labor. Additional hours are billed at 125.00 hr. We can get a lot done in a hour! We will call after payment and set up a time to visit.

There is a 35% material markup on materials and/or consumables for bid projects.

For hourly work, material gathering is charged at our hourly rate, theres no material markup. We only transport small misc items needed to complete your repair project. Such as plumbing or electrical parts, (lumber, 8ft or less) in small quantities.

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